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Welcome to Minifed-Virt.

A stateless OS VM hosting machine built on many technologies like kvm, fedora, php. The OS is bootable over a number of methods and does not install itself anywhere, VM's are then installed onto the disk available to the machine plus a small configuration must be install somewhere.

Minifed-Virt (MFV) is built from minifed, which is a small set of scripts that allow for the creation of an initrd/kernel combo that is created directly from Fedora RPM's. The RPM's themselves are just unrolled and then external code is added to the distro to produce the OS (in this case an initrd). The minifed-virt OS clocks in at about 150mb of ram being used. Minifed-virt is based on a standard OS, not a busybox form-factor.

Above anything else, I do this for FUN. I plan on making no profit from this venture and I plan to learn from what it is capable of and what I can do. I will probably work on this project for a long time as its very interesting to me, but that doesn't mean that it'll still be here tomorrow! If you want to use it to found a buisness, im more than happy - but remember your obligations under the GPL license!

The first realease is on the horizon and will allow a simple preview of the virtualization host.


Minifed-virt has several over-riding goals I am shooting for:
  • GPL - this will always be licensed under the GPL, all software that is released (by me) for it will be available here on this website and there will be no "premium" components for it.
  • Simplicity - the most important part of this VM distro will be about ease of use, ease of maintainability and ease of recovery - you dont install an OS anywhere except the ones you install inside your VM
  • Scalability - the OS will (eventually) allow more hardware to be added with almost zero configuration of the hardware
  • Security - The minifed base OS is loaded from a storage media (tftp for pxe, cdrom or usb flash) and into memory where it then executes a minimal set of instructions.


    If you wish to contact me, by all means do so long as its about MFV - I'd love to hear success stories if they ever come in, suggestions, interest in becoming a part of the project, etc.