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The software itself (which include anything you might download thats part of the minifed-virt project, either via download or svn) comes with NO warranty of any kind. If it eats your cat, my apologies are all you get and I'm not going to be held responsible (I will help fix the problem if time and so forth allow me to). The same applies if MFV does one (or more) of the following.
  • Erases your harddrives.
  • Erases your friends harddrives.
  • Erases your friends X-wives harddrives, resulting in a law suit.
  • Does anything that may be deeemed unwanted or unexpected.
  • functions perfectly and makes you happy


    The license for MFV (minifed-virt) will always be GPL (probably v3) and all code will always be kept in's svn. Anything I write for this project will always be available here and I will not be extending it with premium features under a different license!

    Please go here for a copy of the GPLv3.

    Licensing is one thing I find very confusing and am entirely unsure weather im doing what is required (especially for this project). The SVN contains only the code tree for this project and does not include the minifed base (the minifed base code is called from my project to build the initrd/kernel, which is the way I had intended minifed to be used - not built into your source tree). So MFV contains the configuration you pass to the minifed scripts to build with. This source tree also contains the bash init/profile extensions to minifed's base init/profile (again as intended from minifed). This source tree also contains the console php code, the website php code and the command/host deamon code. This includes everything that is required to build MFV with 1 exception - fedora 7. My code relies on the ability to fetch fedora 7 rpm's from a local directory (in my home build area's case, these rpm's are kept in a subdirectory of the build area and I copy rpm's into that locataion as I add them), and this is where I am unsure of what my obligations are. The minifed code unravells the f7 rpm's that are used for the initrd (and kernel) and then cpio's them all up into the actual initrd file. Part of this build process also removes unwanted material (such as /usr/share/*) before creating the initrd (for purposes of space because it all gets loaded into ram). I wish I knew a GPL licensing guru. What I plan on distributing is kernel/initrd combo's that comprise the OS you will boot, but I am unsure if this is satisfactory as I remove documentation from /usr/share/doc/*. I do not plan on distributing the RPM's used for building the OS nor the SRPM's for those either, and I'm pretty sure that part is ok.
    If you are someone who does know the answer to that, then by all means please be in touch!