Minifed Virt (kvm/qemu) - milestones

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Relase 1 - Preview

This will be the first release of the software. Released in this package will be a initrd, a kernel and a script to build a usb or cdrom to boot a machine with. This release will be capable of:
  • Booting
  • Going thru an initial configuration process
  • Configuring a host via the web interface
  • Managing storage for VM's
  • Managing VM networks
  • Create a VM host
  • assign disk and network to the VM
  • Boot a vm
  • get to the console of a VM via the web java/vnc console

    Relase 2 - Standalone Functional

    This release will be the first release that will be functional for standalone hosts, it will add:
  • Authentication (ldap and local)
  • libvirtd/virsh integration
  • bsdiff patch's for distribution
  • network config (vlan, bridge, bond)
  • storage config (lvm, raid)
  • config store (ldap)
  • nfs and smb support
  • easier update of fed packages im using (not sure how to manage this one)
  • status view of hosts with graphs and stuff
  • introduction of multiple boot packages (PAE kernel, std kernel, etc)

    Relase 3 (multi-host control)

    This release will concentrate on controlling multiple hosts from a manager OS
  • split (1) of functionality, 1 initrd for manager OS, 1 initrd for drone OS
  • control drones from manager
  • auth manager and drones to each other
  • central config storage
  • central auth
  • libvirtd control of hosts
  • nfs + smb extension stuff for OS?
  • perhaps we can make "master" components on shared storage (like openldap for eg)